Finally Something To Smile About… A Tried And Tested Solution That’s Working In Schools

The number of children suffering from mental health problems, stress, fear, anger, and serious anxiety, has reached an all-time high in the UK. Walk into almost any school and the consequences are being felt.

In March 2015 the Times newspaper ran a huge feature in which they revealed the truly shocking scale of the child mental health crisis. Waiting time for help is growing. Budgets are ever more stretched. Problems are escalating. More and more children are suffering from a wide variety of serious problems. Even if they could get it, many in need don’t even meet the criteria for help. Schools want solutions. Teachers, pastoral staff and children are desperate for solutions. So what is the solution?

What you don’t know is that a small number of open minded pilot schools have already been trialling something new and obtaining remarkable results (see testimonies). This website has been created to show you the results, to spread the word, and to make this available to as many schools as possible.

A quiet revolution in mental health has already been taking place but most people have simply never heard of it. We aim to change that.

The antidote to our current nationwide crisis is PERCUSSIVE SUGGESTION TECHNIQUE (PSTEC)™.

Mark Webster – Head of Learning Support at Edmund Arrowsmith High School – talks of his personal experience of PSTEC as well as the huge impact it has made on students in a short space of time.

Sincere thanks to Edmund Arrowsmith High School for helping to spread the word.

Some students at Edmund Arrowsmith High School talking about their positive experiences with PSTEC and how it has led them to feeling much calmer and happier.

Sincere gratitude to those pupils who volunteered to talk about their experiences in order to encourage fellow students who are suffering to do the same.

Listen to Peter Owen – a PSTEC Master Practitioner – talk about how a PSTEC session would look and feel. He gives advice to students who may potentially benefit from a session as well as giving practical information for schools who may be wanting to learn more.

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