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Schools are facing a mental health crisis as more and more children suffer from a variety of debilitating ailments ranging from exam stress, anger and upset right through to panic attacks.

Despite major suffering many children simply do not satisfy the criterion that needs to be met before help can be given in the form of talking therapies. This leads to unnecessary suffering for the affected children and increased stress levels for staff who are already being pushed to the limit. More and more schools are therefore innovating and trying a variety of solutions to ease the situation. From primary schools who are using “play” therapists to secondary schools who are getting external help to teach their students relaxation, meditation and mindfulness techniques, there is clearly a need for additional help.

Here at Healthy Young Minds we provide a number of cutting edge psychological solutions including in-school therapy, training of staff as well as bespoke psychological products which can be downloaded and used by schools independently out of the box. Already the growing number of schools utilising our services are amazed at the results (see testimonies). A large number of children who have failed to experience any change with other interventions, achieve rapid change with our methods. Integral to these huge advancements in psychological treatments is the creation of a brand new therapy by UK therapist – Tim Phizackerley – called Percussive Suggestion Technique (PSTEC) which was released in 2009/10. In a short space of time PSTEC has been downloaded over 100 000 times by self-helpers with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Trials are currently being undertaken comparing CBT with PSTEC for the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and initial results are very encouraging, with plans for a much larger study being planned for the summer of 2016.   Due to its clear effectiveness, partnerships are already in place with huge, forwarding thinking corporations such as Thomas Cook and Manchester Airport Group.

In essence PSTEC is a 10 minute audio track which can quickly turn down a bad feeling, leaving the listener feeling calm and relaxed. It works via a combination of Pattern Interrupts, Classical Conditioning and Linguistic Compression (see here for a detailed explanation of the how the process works). Imagine a child feeling completely overwhelmed about an upcoming exam, then moments later they feel calm, confident and able to do the work that is necessary to achieve what they are capable of. Imagine a child who has witnessed a lot of domestic violence and as a result carries around a lot of anger, only moments later to feel a peace they haven’t felt for a long time and no longer have a chip on their shoulder. These are the kind of results that can be expected and have already been seen by a growing number of schools.  The ability to remove an emotion from a thought may not sound like much but once you understand how intertwined our emotions, beliefs and our experience of reality are, you will realise how profound this ability actually is. Most problems originate in the subconscious mind and PSTEC allows us for the first time, to target problems at their source.

We are here to provide cost effective solutions which will produce measurable and quick results. Most importantly, many of the children will often experience dramatic shifts in their sense of well-being with strong negative emotions drifting away.

Join many other innovative schools and join the revolution in providing our nation’s children with the psychological help they need, when they need it.

The Information on this website can be split into two broad categories. One is a description of the mind which describes PSTEC works so efficiently. The second describes the practicalities of introducing PSTEC into your school.

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