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For Parents: A Home Use Version

The Healthy Young Minds’ Exam Removal Tool is an audio package which can be downloaded and used to quickly make your child feel much calmer about exams (teachers click here for information about its licensed use in schools).

Here is a recent testimony from a school who have used it extensively:

“I cannot recommend the Exam Stress Tool highly enough. We purchased the school licence and on the same day we received the audio tracks we were able to help a number of children. Every single child felt calmer about exams, with many experiencing a dramatic reduction in anxiety. Some of these children had such severe anxiety that in past exams they have had to leave the exam room due to panic attacks. Following the exam removal tool, these children felt calm and confident in the exams! 

Whether you are a parent wanting to help your child at home, or a school wishing to purchase a licence for use in schools, I urge you to try out this technique as it really does work.”

Liz Laverty, Deputy Head, Walton Le Dale High School, Preston

Many children suffer from exam anxiety. A little stress can actually be useful but all too often it can rise to a level that is very distressing for the child. It can impact all aspects of their lives including their sleep, their ability to study and of course their performance in an exam.

At Healthy Young Minds we create tools and techniques which are groundbreaking. We have revolutionised the fear of flying industry with our Fly and Be Calm system in the past few years – see here. As well as a growing number of schools achieving amazing results with our products and training, scientists and psychologists are trialling our techniques on dealing with difficult to treat problems such as Post Traumatic Stress and achieving great results. The NHS will be trialling our tools imminently for removing needle phobia – soon needle phobia will be a thing of the past.

Our exam stress tool as an audio download based on these same technologies. Your child will simply think about exams and actually try to keep hold of the anxiety whilst following the instructions on the short audio track. Whether the anxiety is felt as a tightness in the chest, a churning in the stomach or elsewhere, after just a few listens most people experience a dramatic reduction in anxiety.

Once gone, most people will remain calm when thinking about or doing an exam. Some may need to listen to it occasionally to maintain the calmness, but knowing that a very powerful tool is available to help can give the child a lot of confidence.

Here are some features of the Exam Stress Tool

No skill required.

Simple instructions.

The exam fear eraser audio is designed to work quickly and easily.

Target the specific exam fears you want to remove.

Designed for improved performance and improved recall.

Special parental instructions.

* Adult supervision required. Instructions must be followed correctly for best results.


(Comes as a zipped MP3. On most computers you will just double-click to unpack the files then click to play each of the audio tracks. If you need to download directly from an Ipad/Iphone, click here).

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