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Each school is unique. What are your specific needs?

Some schools may have many children who for whatever reason have anger issues, whereas another school may have many high achieving students who suffer from anxiety due to high expectations. Other schools such as pupil referral units – will very likely have children who have experienced violence, neglect and a lot of ongoing uncertainty.

Because of these differing needs we want to offer a range of services so that we can meet your particular needs in the most cost effective way.

Recently we have released an audio download specifically aimed at exam stress which schools can purchase for a very reasonable price. All the work is done by the audio and so no training is required for use this track – take a look here for more information.

Professional Training

Our ultimate intent is to train and offer in-school help via a PSTEC consultant. The PSTEC consultants are trained in order to be able offer effective PSTEC solutions in any school on an ad-hoc basis. If there is a PSTEC consultant near to your school then your school can buy in this expertise directly from them by the day. Get in touch to find out if there is a licensed PSTEC consultant in your area.. (Note. Only properly licensed and trained persons should ever be employed. It should also be noted that consultants in the use of PSTEC are not medically trained so please do NOT confuse the use of the term ‘consultant’. They are expert in the use of PSTEC and they consult on it’s use or otherwise offer their services.) Self motivated, enthusiastic and suitable people are wanted nationwide in order to fill these posts. (see Practicalities)

To date schools have often chosen to have a PSTEC Consultant work with pupils in-house – at least initially. That has been to learn more about the technique and also to see the impact it has on children. Until such time as we are able to offer this option Nationwide then instead we can provide your school with training for a member of your pastoral staff or perhaps someone such as a SENCO.

Costs for Primary schools are from £250 for 1 person to be fully trained + 1 years license for use within that school.
Costs for Secondary schools are from £750 for 1 person to be fully trained + 1 years license for use within that school.
Licensing is annually renewable and training should be updated.

Secondary schools wishing to get a flavour of PSTEC in action can download a bespoke PSTEC system for exam stress.


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