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To witness a once nervous and apprehensive pupil walk with confidence into the exam hall, was not only a relief but also extremely satisfying

Albany High School
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“The results of the PSTEC alternative therapy have been seen quickly however, the effects have been long lasting.” 

Bedford High School
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“One child in particular was very shy and frightened to speak out in front of others (this can also be daunting for lots of adults too!).  She overcame this fear and ended up auditioning for and performing a leading role in the Christmas performance and class assembly.  She said that ‘she felt happy and warm inside. Our view is quite simple; PSTEC really does work for children and it would be amazing to see more children benefiting from this very easy to use yet highly effective technique. Without hesitation we strongly recommend that schools explore, with Peter, how their children and adults can enjoy the benefits of PSTEC.”

Britannia Bridge Primary

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“From a purely layperson’s point of view, and apologies to the experts, PSTEC works by using subliminal repetitions which work to reprogram and reset some of the brains emotionally triggered pathways and synapses. It is unlike any therapy I have seen in operation previously. A significant number of our children, their parents and staff have tried it and fed back some staggering results. The success rates are high.”

Heysham High School

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Our young people are particularly challenging, many having been permanently excluded from mainstream schools.  We now have Peter attend our school once a week to address some of their deep rooted issues.  Peter is an excellent role model and has a huge calming effect on them.  I am positive that PSTEC can be credited for the successful reintegration of some of our young people back to mainstream.  I recently had a session with a young lady who was at risk of exclusion, after just one session she was able to return to mainstream and has not had any further incidents – resulting in her avoiding having to join a PRU.

The technique works and therefore I highly recommend it. ”

Larches House Short Stay School

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“When we first met Peter he told us to keep an open mind because what he had to say would sound too good to be true. It really did but from day one it was clear that rapid positive changes had occurred for our pupils. For anyone else looking for solutions in helping children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, I urge you to try out PSTEC.

Westleigh High School

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