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How to Get PSTEC in Your School

Despite attempts to obtain it, we have had absolutely no Government funding and no Government support. For this reason the number of PSTEC Therapists who are licensed to work within schools is currently very small.
We are actively looking to recruit and train suitable persons. (ex-teachers, ex-SENCOs, ex-teaching assistants etc who want a new career making a positive impact in a familiar setting.) Only a properly trained professional who has been specifically trained to use PSTEC Professional in Education and who is also fully licensed by us should EVER be employed for such work.

The good news in the meantime is that in order to meet the shortfall of suitably trained persons, your own pastoral staff can be trained by us, given access to use PSTEC Professional for Education and fully licensed to use of PSTEC in your own school.
Training will be in person. Times and dates to be decided depending upon demand. Please contact us to express your interest.

Exam Stress:

For this years school examinations and for those children in your school with significant exam stress or fears, Tim Phizackerley (the inventor and creator of PSTEC) has created a very easy to use PSTEC program especially for exam stress and therefore better exam performance.
It can be downloaded and used in your own school with every student who has exam anxiety if so desired. The download will also give you a flavour of what the wider PSTEC Professional systems can do. You can download that here.

Other Practicalities

Once suitable candidate students are identified, they can be given the opportunity to partake in a session. A letter is sent home which the child and his/her parents can read which will give them information about the technique, what can be expected and also giving parents a chance to discuss things beforehand if they have any questions and before agreeing and signing the consent form. Of course both the parent and the child need to be open to help and want go ahead with the session.

A PSTEC consultant may see between 6-8 pupils per day. Initial sessions are typically longer than follow ups as it involves gaining rapport, information about the person’s problem as well as giving a brief explanation of how PSTEC works and how to use it. For most children the bulk of the work is done in the first session. Follow on sessions are normally just fine tuning or ensuring the previous work remains intact before signing them off. Of course some cases are more involved, especially if a child has a complex and troubled background and will likely need several sessions/top ups to keep them on track.

A record is made of what has been worked on with the child, including a subjective unit of distress rating (SUDS). For example imagine if a child can bring up 10/10 anger towards a particular teacher to start with, this would be measured again at the end. We consider the work a success when that they are no longer able to bring the anger on at all. If the child has no objections then this information will be made available to the main point of contact in brief form. If the child objects then no specific information is given unless of course there is a safeguarding issue which of course will require a disclosure to the appointed safeguarding officer.

Once work has been carried out such as this it is normal for corresponding and measurable objective changes to be seen in areas such as behaviour incidents and attendance.

Different schools have different needs. Some have had a therapist in once a week ongoing whereas others prefer to have someone in for half a day or ad hoc moving forward rather than committing to any specific ongoing work.

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